Traveling by Car Tips on Having a Safe Trip with Your Pet

car safetyProbably you have planned to travel soon and you’re wondering if it’s possible to bring your trusted pet companion with you for this trip with your dear family. Well, initially you might doubt that it will be safe at all to bring an animal companion with you as it can be quite a stressful experience for you having to look after the kids as well as the possibility of your pet being an added nuisance while inside the vehicle.

  • The truth is that you can have fewer worries about this type of situation when you are more likely prepared to understand what can bring comfort to your dog or cat to keep them calm and also at the same time keep you and your passengers safe when you all go on a trip together.
  • Now, to ensure a smooth traveling experience with pets, you’ll have to be truly prepared of the possibilities that injuries and accidents can be encountered with your pet while he or she is in inside the car with other people.
  • You can begin performing some research on any particular distractions that these animals can cause to help you gauge on what safety precautions and devices you’ll need to install in your car to ensure safe traveling with pets.

Traveling by Car with Pest Tips

Keep in mind as a pet owner is having your dog or cat restrained properly

The initial thing to keep in mind as a pet owner is having your dog or cat restrained properly to a seat or if you have a car that has bigger space it to have him or her place in a crate. More often pet owners prefer their cats and dogs placed on an enclosed carrier or a crate to lessen the injury that their pets and other passengers may incur during a possible vehicular crash.

If you’ll be placing your pet in a crate just ensure that it is a comfortable place where your pet can change positions in case you’re going on a long trip. It should as well allow air through so your pet can comfortably breathe inside the crate.

Now, to prepare your pet companion, you can definitely have him or her come with you on a trial short road trip of drive so the pet can get used to the new experience. Don’t rush your pet into getting strapped or going inside the crate. Let your pet be familiar with the whole experience first before doing what needs to be done to get your pet in place in preparation for your trip.

Once your pet get used to being at the same place in your car whenever you call him or her to come ride in the car with you, you’ll see that your pet will be more relaxed and calm staying at its seat or crate. From here, you can now conclude that you’re pet is ready to travel.


Embed from Getty ImagesTo also have your pet prepared for a long drive on the road, you’ll have to prepare it by scheduling your pet’s meal time. You can might as well begin with the lighter meals prior to departing your place and take note to never feed your pet when you’re already on the go. Be ready with all the things that your furry friend will need throughout your travel time. Having your pet’s own traveling kit prepared beforehand and having them buckled up or restrained properly will absolutely be a great way to lessen your worries when traveling with your pet companion.


Choosing the Appropriate Dog Seat Belts for Your Pet’s Safety

Dog Seat BeltsNowadays, nobody can predict what could happen on the streets or on the road. If you love to travel with your pet dog, you should at least consider keeping both of you safe from harm throughout your travel time. Nobody knows when such kind of accidents may occur and who can possibly be affected by these unforeseen events.

To ensure that you get the most out of your traveling experience, you must always look into having seat restraints not only for the younger members of the family but for your pet companions as well.

Take note that there may be a lot of dog seat belts out there to get for your pet, however they are not all meant to give that utmost protection for your pet and all the passengers inside the vehicle. Many companies have already distributed a variety of pet restraints in the market today and they’re not really required to test these restraints on animals or perform a crash test with dummies to prove that their pet restraints are really working, knowing this, should at least alert pet owners to make sure that what they’re obtaining for their pet is really a safety device that they can use for their vehicles.


There are a lot of vehicular injuries from time to time which may or may have not recorded pets being involved.

  1. If you want to prevent any lethal injuries for the precious cargos you have inside the car including your pets, they should be properly restrained on a seat with belts and buckle up safely. Probably you have browsed through a variety of pet restraints available online and you’re wondering what could be the best buy for you. Well, in this case we’re not really talking about affordability but functionality and durability is your aim.
  2. The good news is that there are certain automotive organizations that came up with an idea to perform research and tests regarding these dog restraints. They wanted to ensure that not only will they be able to offer vehicles where the whole family can travel safely but ones which can as well accommodate the safety of pets who travel with them. By having this idea, they tried and tested a variety of safety designed restraints and most of them failed except for one which showed great performance in keeping fake test dogs restrained.

But before we go into brands, let’s just look into what led to the search of the best restraining belts for dogs. Well, since there are millions of pet owners in the U.S. and they want to ensure that their pets are really safely traveling with them; executives of an automotive company went through the challenge in testing these restraints which mostly ended up in failure except for one restraint which is the Sleepypod’s Clickit Utility Harness.

This dog restraint boasts of its unique features such as the 3-point connection which helps in providing your pet that control for its lower torso. It also has this wide vest that can surely support your pet from having to go to different directions in case you encounter a major or minor vehicular accident. It pays to know what dog seat belts will best work for your pet’s safety. By obtaining the right one, you can ensure that everybody in the car can conveniently travel with no worries.


Why Car Seats for Dogs are Essential for Traveling with Pets

Dog Car Seat Types

People are getting more and more interested in having their own best friend dog hanging around whenever they get home from work protecting their property and the people inside the property at the same time. Because of this pet owners also find it quite an adventure to have their pets join them for a trip or any travel related activities.

Although, there really could be hazards and risks when traveling with pets, owners just need to know what certain precautionary measures to take and think carefully about the pros and cons of this particular issue.

Since your pets like your kids can also be a very fragile cargo inside your car

It’s essential that they also have that special seat that will allow them to be protected while they’re traveling with you. Ever since, manufacturers of car seats have been enlightening pet owners of the risks and hazards of not having their dogs seated safely in their vehicles. Having your pet dog seated on a booster seat can reassure the driver of the car that they are far from distractions which may lead to any possible road accidents.

Aside from keeping your pet dog safe from any accidents that may occur while you are on the road, you can as well protect yourself from any possible behavioral issues from your pet that may draw your attention while you’re driving. Statistics have been showing that there are thousands of drivers who met their demise due to accidents which were caused by such type of distractions. From that being said, it definitely is safer to have those seats installed rather than driving with your pets without them seated securely in a place.


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